Please note that our uniform will be changing from September 2020. Children new to Y3 and Reception will need to wear the new uniform in September. The information below reflects this, and uniform section of our website will be updated again shortly once the new uniform becomes available from Marks and Spencer.

If your child is not in Reception or Y3, they will be allowed to re-use old uniform in the Burgundy colours in September. However, if you are purchasing new uniform, please buy the new green colours.

The new green uniform will be available from Marks and Spencers soon. However, parents should be aware that on 21st April 2020 they let us know the following:

“We are introducing a new website at the beginning of May and as you are relaunching your uniform we are planning to get everything uploaded as soon as possible. As you can imagine at the moment timings of garments arriving into the UK have been slightly delayed and also our bag and tie suppliers have been closed for the last 4 weeks so it may be that we have to do a slightly staggered launch. Once I have final details I will let you know asap.” (J Beeney, Marks and Spencer)

The Marks and Spencer website is not yet up-to-date for Moorlands, and we are asking with them to get this updated as soon as possible.

At Moorlands we have high expectations for all our children and are proud of our school uniform and logo.  Wearing the school uniform is one obvious symbol that children share these expectations and all children are expected to wear full school uniform.

The school uniform bearing our logo is supplied by Marks and Spencers.  To find out more please see

http://www.mandsyourschooluniform.com/devon-dorset-somerset/moorlands-schools-federation/catlist_fnct5209.htm   (but please note that this has not been undated with the new uniform) 

At various times throughout the year our school’s PTA hold sales of used uniform at very reasonable prices.

Uniform List:

All items on the uniform list should be school wear and not fashion items and clearly named.

Burgundy sweatshirt/fleece/cardigan NOT for Reception or Y3, who will need the new, green uniform from September.

Burgundy polo top NOT for Reception or Y3.

Black/grey trousers/skirt/pinafore/knee length shorts For all year groups.

Red and white check summer dresses NOT for Reception or Y3.

Black/grey/white socks or tights (leggings may be worn under skirts/dresses for reasons of modesty but MUST be shorter than the dress or skirt) For all year groups.

Black shoes For all year groups.

PE Kit: Plain white t-shirt (no logos);  Black shorts SportsTrainers or daps For all year groups.

Bags: Every child will require a school bag/ruck sack no larger than h=43cm x w=33cm x d =38cm We recommend a draw string PE bag For all year groups. Please note that any branding/advertising on bags should be age appropriate, eg. NOT advertising games or films for ages above 11 for the Junior School, or 7 for the Infant School.


A summer hat to wear outside when hot.

Black/grey tracksuits for games lessons, if weather conditions demand it.

A one piece swimming costume and towel is required when your child has swimming lessons.

An art/craft apron or shirt