You can find a copy of our admission arrangements for the 2021/22 and 2022/23 academic year on the following link:

We are consulting on proposed admissions arrangements for 2022-23. You can find the Consultation Notice and Trust-wide proposed admissions arrangements below.

The consultation notice includes details of how you can raise any questions with The Partnership Trust.

Admissions Consultation Notice


Moorlands Schools Federation comprises an Infant School and a Junior School.  Below we have set out information  about how to apply when your child starts Infant School (Reception) and Junior School (Year 3) as well  as  information about admissions at  all other times.

If you require any further information, please contact our school office on or 01225 421912 who will  be able to help.

Choosing a school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make. We recommend that you make a visit so we can show you all the facilities on offer at Moorlands as well as the exciting learning that is taking place.

Reception and Year 3 Admissions

The Partnership Trust is the Admissions Authority for Moorlands Infant School and Moorlands Junior School.  However, the School buys back Bath and North East Somerset’s (BATHNES) Admissions and Appeals Packages and manages these processes on behalf of Directors.  Information can be found on the BATHNES website..

Joining School in Reception: Children are offered three full terms of education in their reception year and most are admitted in the September following their fourth birthday. Legally, however, children do not have to be in school until the beginning of the term following their fifth birthday, so parents may defer the start of school until January or April if they wish. To ensure a happy and confident start to their formal schooling, there is a carefully managed induction programme in September which includes shorter sessions and days. This enables the staff team to build relationships with the children and for the children to settle into new routines. We would anticipate children being in school full time by week 4 or 5 of the first term.

Children and parents are invited into school for a series of induction events in the summer term preceding their entry.  Individual meetings are held with all parents prior to children starting school.  In the first term, parents are invited to curriculum events where information is shared to help them support their child’s learning.

Our planned admission numbers (PAN) for Moorlands Infant School (Early Years Foundation Stage) is 60.

Joining School in Year 3 Children are admitted separately to the Infant and Junior Schools. This means you need to apply for a school place when your child is due to start school in Reception AND again in Year 2 for the start of the Junior School.   Our planned admissions number (PAN) for Moorlands Junior School (Y3) is 60.

Please note that the Local Authority state there is no automatic right of admission to the Junior School class by virtue of having attended the Infants. However, the schools are ‘paired schools’ for the purposes of sibling applications.

In Year Admissions

In year admissions are requests for places at either Moorlands Infant and Junior Schools aside from the initial admission of Reception children and Year 3 children each September. As an own admission authority, The Bath & Mendip Partnership Trust is responsible for setting in year admissions processes for Moorlands Infant and Junior Schools.  Applications should be made on our In-Year Application Form for Primary School and sent directly to Moorlands Schools Federation.

Please contact our school office for further information on or 01225 421912.

Admissions Arrangements The admission arrangements including admission numbers, over-subscription criteria and co-ordinated admissions schemes have been determined and are as follows:

TPT Admissions Application Form

 Appeals For Places At Moorlands Infant and Junior Schools

The Partnership Trust is the ‘Admissions Authority’ for Moorlands Schools Federation.

The Partnership Trust follows BATHNES Appeals Procedures and commissions BATHNES to handle appeals on its behalf.  Information on the appeals process and an appeals form can be accessed by following the link below.

School Admissions Appeals Procedures and Timetable

Once we are notified of the children that have been allocated a place at our school, we will contact you with an invitation to take part in our induction programme. This provides an opportunity for you and your child to learn more about the school and meet the class teachers and for us to find out more about your child.  When children are entering partway through a school year we work closely with parents to create an induction process that makes transition as smooth as possible.