Wonders of Learning

Our Wonder Curriculum vision is to inspire and create awe and marvel, investigating our world as it exists today and events that have marked our past.

Teachers will take the lead from the interests and curiosities of the children and all learning will follow. Each year group will explore six wonders of learning over the course of the academic year.

Each wonder will include the following;

-Each teacher will conduct a Wonder crop finding out what the children know as pre and post assessment

-A Wonder question will be generated for learning to begin to answer.

-As part of the wonders of learning children will experience a Wonder Adventure. These can be external trips or internal experiences/visitors, preferably a mixture of the two.

-Finally learners will experience a Celebration of Wonder where their learning is shared with parents/carers or the community during each wonder of learning.

Displays in class will show the learning journey at each of these stages. Learning will largely be governed by the Wonder question following The National Curriculum using cross curricular links. Where links cannot be made during the wonder of learning subjects will be taught discreetly.

Wonders of Learning will follow the teaching and learning design and content teaching sequence.

A Moorlands we strive for Space to grow for any tomorrow,’

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If you would like further information about our curriculum, please contact our Acting  Head Teacher, Katy Pearson via the school office.