Moorlands Schools Federation Whole School Curriculum Intent   

The whole Moorlands Schools Federation community is committed to creating a happy, safe and stimulating learning environment where everyone has ‘space to grow for any tomorrow’. Our curriculum of ambition, integrity and academic rigour is designed to provide an excellent education where children encounter a range of opportunities and are encouraged to approach these with resilience and determination.

Designed so our children develop a thirst for knowledge, our curriculum inspires a devotion to lifelong learning. Our children will journey through Moorlands as adaptable and courageous citizens, with their passion for learning ignited and with their self-belief and wellbeing nurtured. Our curriculum is successfully adapted to ensure all children, including those with special educational needs and disabilities thrive, feel valued and successful. Every child will have the chance to shine and flourish.

Across the school, planned teaching sequences build knowledge and vocabulary in each subject, incrementally over time to form meaningful concepts that can then contribute to learning in other subject areas. Using a range of motivational strategies, regular recall of key knowledge takes place, helping to secure retention and commitment to memory for all pupils over time.

We believe that our curriculum should be seen in its widest sense – as an entire planned learning and enriching experience that takes place in the classroom, throughout the ten acres of our wonderful grounds and in the wider community. The curriculum celebrates diversity and utilises the skills, knowledge and cultural wealth of the community, while supporting the children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. Our curriculum draws on local heritage and culture using citizens of Bath, both past and present, places in the locality and stories to ensure that pupils are knowledgeable about the UNESCO World Heritage City of Bath, in which they live.

Reading is at the heart of our entire curriculum. We strive to instill a passion for reading amongst all of our learners, alongside fluency and comprehension skills for life. Together with reading, we build the vital skills of language and communication so that all children leave Moorlands knowing their own voice, with high self-esteem and able to make a positive contribution to all aspects of modern life in an ever-changing world. Our curriculum promotes reading for pleasure, with story time being an important part of everyday school life. Some texts are cultural touchstones whilst others open minds to cultures beyond their own. We have taken care to included picture books, fantasy and family fun as well as timeless classics, modern day releases, stories told in rhyme, and poetry designed to be read time and time again.


At Moorlands, we are committed to providing a rich, varied, high-quality and responsive writing curriculum. Within it, we recognise, reflect and celebrate the diversity within our school and the wider community. Writing will augment our schools’ focus on reading and it will be developed as a vital life-skill which will enable our children to become skilled writers and communicators. These skills will enable them to:

· know their own voice

· express themselves with technical accuracy

· be effective, dynamic and unique speakers and writers.

We recognise the important role we have in developing a love of language; We want them to be ready for the demands of an ever-changing world and to find their place as articulate and literate citizens. Furthermore, we want our children to leave Moorlands with a skill set which will enable them to access and make the best of the opportunities which life will afford them.

Together with the British Values of Individual Liberty, Mutual Respect, Democracy and the Rule of Law, central to the curriculum and life at Moorlands are the ‘LEARN’ values:

· Lead by example

· Engage and Enjoy

· Achieve your best

· Respect everyone

· Never give up!

These values are embedded and celebrated in all we do. Children at Moorlands are encouraged to be curious, take informed risks and celebrate mistakes as much as successes.

We value every child’s individuality and creativity and we aspire to equip them with the knowledge, self-discipline and confidence to succeed. Where there are barriers, we pride ourselves on embracing different approaches to ensure high-quality learning for all. We strive to ensure that our curriculum offer equips every child with the knowledge they need to be successful both now and in the future.

Moorlands Schools Federation – Space to Grow For Any Tomorrow

Moorlands Schools Federation – Space to Grow For Any Tomorrow 

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