Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

At Moorlands Schools Federation, our core purpose is to provide a safe and happy learning environment in which we aim to nurture and inspire all individuals by providing high quality teaching, a broad and rich curriculum offer and effective support.

Space to grow for any tomorrow

We recognise that many children will experience difficulties of one sort or another during their time at Moorlands. We aim to work closely with parents and carers to identify any difficulties quickly.

Where a child has special educational needs, we may provide support that is additional to and different from that which would normally be provided in the classroom. Children may have additional needs in one or more of the categories set out in the SEND Code of Practice:-

  • Communication and interaction
  • Cognition and learning
  • Social, emotional and mental health needs
  • Physical and/or sensory needs

Useful information:

SEND Policy

SEND information report

SEND Code of Practice