At Moorlands we have high expectations for all our children and are proud of our school uniform.  Wearing school uniform is one obvious symbol that children share these expectations, so all children must wear it. 

Please see our School Uniform Policy for information about the school uniform aims and expectations.

Moorlands-branded school jumpers are available from Marks and Spencer ; unbranded items are widely available from a number of retailers.

Our PTA runs a second-hand uniform shop where low-cost second-hand uniform items are available to families. Please contact the school office for more information.

We ask that children to come to school dressed in the appropriate clothes as listed below on days that they have PE or outdoor learning. 

Uniform list:

Green jumper jumper/fleece/cardigan. These items are available with a Moorlands logo but children may wear a jumper/fleece/cardigan without a Moorlands logo. In this case we ask that all jumpers are:

  •  Knitted rather than jersey-type fabric
  •  V-Neck (in the case of a jumper)
  •  As close as possible a green to the Moorlands branded jumper; most retailers refer to this colour simply as ‘green’ but there is some variation. For example, some refer to it as ‘bottle green’ or ‘forest green’.
  • Moorlands Infant School: white polo shirt
  • Moorlands Juniors School: white polo shirt OR white shirt with Moorlands tartan tie
  • Black or grey trousers/skirt/knee length shorts
  • Green and white check summer dresses may be worn in warmer weather
  • Plain black, grey or white socks or tights (leggings may be worn under skirts/dresses but must be shorter than the dress or skirt) Black shoes
Outdoor learning
• Top half: school uniform as above
• Black or grey tracksuit bottoms – long trousers should be worn for outdoor learning. On a hot day, children can wear shorts/skirt for school but must bring long trousers to change into for the outdoor learning session.
• Wellies – We will be outside in all weathers so we are very grateful to the PTA and other members of the parent community who have funded and created our wonderful welly boot racks for each class. Please do bring in named wellies that can be kept in school!
PE at Moorlands

At Moorlands, appropriate kit should be worn for all PE activities. Appropriate kit is that which presents no risk to injury to the wearer or other children.

To ensure we maximise the time we have to teach PE in school, we ask that all children come to school in their PE kit on PE days.
Moorlands PE Kit:
• Plain white t-shirt or plain white polo shirt
• Black or grey shorts or tracksuit bottoms
• Suitable trainers (i.e. not ‘fashion’ trainers. PE trainers should offer adequate support for your child)
• For the colder months, children should wear their school fleece, jumper or cardigan. Children should not wear non-uniform hoodies, jumpers or sweat-shirts
• For the sunnier months, children should bring a hat to school
• Clothing should not be obviously branded
House Colours
At Moorlands, we have four Houses; Hart, Thomas, Rashford and Simmonds. For house sporting events, your child will need to wear a plain t-shirt to match their house colours.
• Hart’s house colour is white
• Thomas’ house colour is red
• Rashford’s house colour is green
• Simmonds’ house colour is blue

For all PE lessons:

Long hair should be tied up securely.
• Jewellery must not be worn during PE lessons, including watches. Children with stud earrings will either need to remove their earrings or have them covered with surgical tape provided by the school.
• Finger nails need to be appropriately short to prevent injury to themselves or to others.
After-school clubs

If children are participating in after-school sports clubs, they should come to school in their school uniform and change into their sports kit after school. Children will be expected to wear their school uniform PE kit to sports clubs.


It is essential that ALL clothing is CLEARLY NAMED. Where clothing is labelled it can easily be returned to its owner.