Our Vision, Aims and Values

Our Mission Statement

 ‘Space to grow for any tomorrow’

Our Vision

At Moorlands we aim to provide an inclusive, caring and supportive environment which has high expectations and values all members of our school community. We recognise and respect the needs and aspirations of individuals and provide opportunities for them all to make the best possible progress and attain the highest personal achievements. All of our children have an ability to shine and hold something special and unique both within and about them. We see it as our responsibility to provide the opportunity for our children to shine.

Our Values

At Moorlands we know that academic performance is highly important however we strongly believe that this needs to go hand in hand with a child’s personal development. Our L.E.A.R.N. values encourage independence, learning and empower our children to take on responsibility. The children learn to celebrate diversity with a spirit of understanding and tolerance and develop a positive regard and awareness of others.

Our LEARN values are key skills which we believe will help prepare our pupils for the next stage of their lives.

Lead by example.

– Engage and enjoy.

– Achieve your best.

R Respect everyone.

Never give up.