Year 1

Butterfly and Dragonfly classes



Welcome to Year 1 

Year 1 in Moorlands is the children’s first experience of moving from the Early Years Foundation Stage to the Nation Curriculum. We operate 2 Year 1 classes called Dragonflies and Butterflies.

The transition between EYFS and Year 1 at Moorlands is seamless. We value the importance of learning through play and still give the children lots of opportunities to explore through continuous provision. We are fortunate to have a large outdoor space just out the classroom, a large and open year 1 unit and lots of engaging resources that can inspire learning.

Each day we begin with Early Morning Activities, which is usually a recap of prior learning, as well as an opportunity for calm, quiet reading. We then have a daily phonics lesson where we learn new sounds, read well matched phonic books and practice reading new and familiar words.

We then transition into our Writing lessons which is a balance of adult and child led learning before breaktime at 10:30. When we come back from break, we have a Maths lesson, with daily opportunities to use maths resources, play maths games and learn some new number skills. After this, we enjoy a whole class story before lunchtime.

Our afternoons consist of a variety of foundation subjects, including P.E, Music, Art and D.T. We encourage lots of hands on and exciting experiences in year one such as making bird feeders, baking honey cake, organising their own parties and writing letters to astronauts! If you’d like to find out a bit more about our curriculum, please click here (Under review)

Once a week we are lucky enough to have an Outdoor Learning lesson with our specialist teacher, roaming the school grounds. We also have some time looking at computing on the school’s Ipads, Laptops or Chromebooks. We also try to supplement our school curriculum with trips and opportunities to learn from appropriate visitors.

We often update the Class Dojo page with interesting things that we have done that week, and we use this as our main mode of communication with parents.

We aim to ensure that your child has a wonderful experience during year one with lots of opportunities for creativity, academic curiosity, teamwork and exploration.