Year 3

Woodpecker and Kingfisher classes


Welcome to Year 3
Year 3 in Moorlands is the children’s first experience of going to school on the Junior site. We operate 2 Year 3 classes called Woodpeckers and Kingfishers.
Each day we begin with Early Morning Activities, which is usually a recap of prior learning, as well as an opportunity for calm, quiet reading. We then transition into our Reading and Maths lessons before breaktime at 10:30. When we come back from break, we mix classes for a short Spelling session, followed by a Writing lesson. After this, we will usually do one of the foundation subjects, such as French, Music, Times tables, or an extra fitness session. We have lunch at 12:25 – 13:20 and in the afternoon we come back to class with some quiet reading. We then hone our maths skills with a short Numbersense session followed by an in depth looking at History, Geography, Art, PE or Science. Assemblies come next, followed by the end of the day!
If you’d like to find out a bit more about our curriculum, please click here (Under review)
Once a week we are lucky enough to have an Outdoor Learning lesson with our specialist teacher, roaming the school grounds. We also have some time looking at computing on the school’s Ipads, Laptops or Chromebooks. We also try to supplement our school curriculum with trips and opportunities to learn from appropriate visitors.
We celebrate the achievements of the children through our LEARN Values which are:
Lead by example
Engage and enjoy
Achieve your best
Respect everyone
Never give up
Alongside this, we also ensure high standards of behaviour through the use of our routines:
Wonderful Walking
Legendary Lining up
Terrific Transitions
Moorlands Manners.
We often update the Class Dojo page with interesting things that we have done that week, and we use this as our main mode of communication with parents.
We aim to ensure that your child has a wonderful experience during their first year of being in the Junior School site, with oppotunities for
creativity, academic curiousity, teamwork, mistakes and having an excellent time in a kind, caring environment