Year 4 – Fox and Otter classes


Welcome to Year 4 with Fox and Otter class.

We have a fantastic year of Wonder curriculum learning about the Aztecs, Tudors, Ancient Greece, States of Matter and Electricity.

From these Wonders, children go on two exciting school trips to Lacock Abbey and to the Holburne Museum to create their own painted plates with Greek Myths. Children have visits from a portrait artist, an author and King Henry VIII!

Every Christmas, Year 4 produce an entertaining production. The past two years, children have performed ‘Hoodwinked’ and ‘Alice the Musical’.

Year 4 children have the opportunity to learn keyboard and to have their own musical showcase performing with a variety of instruments.

We are extremely lucky with our outdoor space which allows children to take part in outdoor learning sessions, learning outdoors in core subjects and tag rugby with Bath Rugby.

‘Staff and volunteers at the Holburne Museum were really impressed by the behaviour of Y4 pupils on their visit. They were very respectful of other visitors enjoying the Museum at the same time.  They knew such a lot about Greek mythology too  – as shown by the wonderful range of gods, goddesses and creatures that they painted on their plates. I was amazed at how many they could name.’  – Christina Parker, Head of Learning, Holburne Museum
Christine Parker

Head of Learning, Holburne Museum