Year 5              

      Kestrel and Owl classes




Welcome to Year 5.  

Year 5 is our penultimate year at Moorlands School. We are nearly the oldest in the school so we are very aware that we need to start to lead by example. We are fully engaged in our learning and enjoy lots of different topics, such as: 

 Term 1: Can changes be reversed? (Science-  Materials) 

Term 2: Savages or civilised? What were the Aztecs really like? (History) 

Term 3: What is in the solar system? (Science – Space) 

Term 4: How were the Vikings influenced by the Anglo-Saxons? (History) 

Terms 5 & 6: What skills do geographers need to have? (Geography – Italy) 


Each topic is linked to a high quality text: 

Term 1: Wonder by RJ Palacio 

Term 2: The Time-Travelling Cat and the Aztec Sacrifice by Julia Jarman 

Term 3: Cosmic by Frank Cottrell-Boyce 

Term 4: Beowulf by Michael Morpurgo 

Terms 5 & 6: The Explorer by Katherine Rundell 

 More information on our curriculum can be found here. (Under review)

In Year 5 we are learning to work both collaboratively and independently.  We are determined to each achieve our very best. We use all our lovely learning skills to find out more about the world around us, focusing on how we can make a difference in our class, our school and our community. We show respect to everyone by looking after our resources and being kind and helpful. We are learning never to give up!